Kevin Vance is a retired Navy Seal who started his consulting business in Hollywood. The Veritus & Bellum logo is trademarked. Contact Kevin Vance for further information. David Ayer, a former Navy man himself, liked the logo so much, he decided to put Kevin’s military-themed cap on the lead character, Rick Flag (portrayed by Joel Kinnaman) in his world-renowned film, “Suicide Squad.

Such luck and good fortune! As a result, Kevin and his wife, Tracy, decided to expand their Veteran-owned business to selling the hat so all fans of the Suicide Squad film, its characters and DC Comics can be part of the experience. They look forward to evolving V&B LTD to more products in the future.

~ Kevin & Tracy



"We are a select brand merited for the hard working who drive harder than the rest.

The things we have contributed are far less about our identity than the things we DO.  Struggles define who we are. For good reason. We need conflict. We need difficulty. We need bone bending challenges. We don’t grow when life is easy. Nor do our circumstances alter unless we engage.

Struggling alongside others, we experience the full spectrum of what life can offer. Great units, teams, and individual-rises are born from it. The toil becomes the direct effect - to rework, rebuild and reshape the world around us. And, set in motion the gears of change.

It’s for all those who understand the village mindset and make the necessary commitments and sacrifices. For those who leverage their personal time. Those who shoulder others burdens, who live as beacons and shine a light on the greatest attributes of us all.

For the worn and weary. You know who you are - those that didn’t and don’t settle. Who know that anything that has true worth is worth paying for.

This world needs more like you."

~ KV

  • A portion of the proceeds will promote awareness of non-profit Veteran Organizations and support those independent Veteran-run Organizations: Keeping those who return home engaged, those here challenged and our Vets connected to “the community” of the driven.

Challenges never end. Who would want them to?

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